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Roads Australia Event Details

RA Single Table Luncheon with Ken Kanofski (Sydney)

27/02/2018 12:00 to 27/02/2018 14:30

Venue: RACA, 89 Macquarie Street


We're very pleased to host RMS CEO, Ken Kanofski, to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2018 in the roads transport space.



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Ken Kanofski, Chief Executive - Roads and Maritime Services

Ken took on the role of Chief Executive of RMS in August 2016. Prior to this, he spent three years as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for managing and operating the NSW road network, including strategic network planning and investment prioritisation of a $9 billion-dollar a year infrastructure program.

Previously, Ken served as CEO of three statutory corporations - the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, Government Property NSW and WSN Environmental Solutions. He has experience across a range of infrastructure, utilities and services industries, including transport roads, housing, property, venue management, waste, recycling, energy, water and telecommunications.

Ken has also served as a board member and chair on statutory authorities, industry bodies and community organisations.



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