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RA Single Table Luncheon with Richard Sellers (Perth)

03/05/2017 12:00 to 03/05/2017 14:30

Venue: WildFlower (Private Dining Room)


As one of WA's most experience public servants, Richard Sellers brings to Transport a reputation as both a reformer and a strong leader.

This is an opportunity to discuss the State's transport agenda and infrastructure needs with the man whose finger is on the pulse, in the unique and intimate forum that is the 'RA single table'.





Richard Sellers, Director-General - Department of Transport

Richard was appointed to his current role in September 2016. He came to the position from the Department of Mines and Petroleum, where he was also Director-General.

Richard has extensive experience in the public sector. His work on reform is widely recognised and in his previous position he took a lead role in improving WA’s approval process and encouraging exploration to ensure WA’s ongoing development. His stewardship of DMP during the busiest growth period of WA’s resources industry was marked by innovations and significant reforms in a number of areas, including safety, the environment, approvals and administration.

Richard's contribution to DMP and WA's resources sector has been recognised by the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA), which awarded him the 2014 WA Patron’s Award and made him a National Fellow. The Patron’s Award is the highest honour in public administration given annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the State, while the National Fellow accolade recognises outstanding contribution to the practice and study of public administration.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Biology, a Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Public Policy and Management.



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