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RA Single Table Luncheon with Jennifer Grace (Brisbane)

08/05/2017 12:00 to 08/05/2017 14:30

Venue: Customs House (Sylvia Jones Room)


Workplace diversity is the topic of this single table lunch with DTMR Chief Operations Officer, Jennifer Grace.

Jennifer has a lead role in both capacity and diversity policy and practice within Main Roads.  She'll share her thoughts on these issues, including the importance of leadership.

This is our first Brisbane diversity-focussed event for 2017, and as such is a great opportunity for both industry and government to share their respective experiences and lessons.

This event is now CLOSED.  For any changes contact



Jennifer Grace - Chief Operations Officer, Transport and Main Roads

As Chief Operations Officer, Jennifer works closely with the Director-General and members of the Executive Leadership Team to address and resolve current and emerging matters as they relate to the operations of the department, relevant to industry, business partners and sector stakeholders.

She established the ethics community of practice for TMR to create an extended professional network of ethics champions across Queensland and holds the positions of Chair, TMR Ethics Community of Practice and Co-Chair, TMR Diversity Council.

Current interests and projects include the delivery of the Future Workforce Strategic Priority program of work for TMR, and continuing her Masters of Liberal Arts at Harvard University, Boston USA.



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