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Roads Australia Insider - February 3, 2017

Stage 3 contract awarded for NorthLink WA

It's been announced this week that the third and final contract for the $1.12 billion NorthLink WA project has been awarded to CPB Contractors.

WA Transport Minister, Bill Marmion, says the $175 million D&C contract covers the northern section of highway from Ellenbrook to Muchea, including new interchanges at Stock Road, Neaves Road and Brand Highway.  

Once completed, NorthLink WA will provide a continuous connection from the Perth Airport area through to Muchea, and together with the Gateway WA and Perth Freight Link projects will be a major part of a high standard freight connection to Fremantle Port.

“Construction is already well underway on Stage 1, Stage 2 is commencing and Stage 3 will begin by mid-2017, so we are certainly on target for project completion in 2019," Mr Marmion says.


NTC proposes information boost for Australia’s transport planning

Investment and planning for Australia’s transport network would be made more efficient and effective under a proposal to more regularly identify and report on transport trends.

A proposed five-yearly report was recommended by the National Transport Commission (NTC) this week in the release of its Who moves what where: Better informing transport planning for Australians discussion paper.

The paper seeks to better inform future planning and policy development by filling information gaps about the market structure of transport operators – road and rail, passenger and freight. Better information will allow the NTC and policy makers around Australia, to design and implement reforms to improve the productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia’s transport systems. 

NTC Chief Executive, Paul Retter, said it made sense to keep building upon the data the NTC had compiled from more than 150 data sets and released in an earlier information paper last September.

“Publishing a regular report on passenger and freight movement trends would help industry, governments and local communities plan for the future,” Mr Retter said.

“If we are able to use the knowledge and power of even more big data sets and better analytics, we can produce detailed reports that identify national trends and the likely impact those trends will have on the transport systems and associated infrastructure routes we use every day.

“Australia needs to have the best information to make the best investments in transport infrastructure, from large-scale projects to the location of bus stops."

Other proposed recommendations in the discussion paper are related to a transport wide approach to identifying long-term statistical and information priorities and introducing data collections to assist with measuring transport productivity.

“Every Australian has a stake in better, more productive transport systems, including consumers, employers and governments and I encourage all of them to make a submission through our website,” Mr Retter said.

The NTC expects that any future editions will include much more data, such as information about port movements. The NTC is also interested in working with other government agencies to find innovative ways to encourage the Australian community’s use of relevant open data sets in the future.

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