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About Policy

Every year, Roads Australia sets a national set of policy objectives, with the CEOs of Australia's road agencies. 

We pursue these objectives by facilitating and hosting events, workshops and meetings across five policy chapters:

  • Capacity
  • Sustainability
  • Journey Reliability
  • Local Government; and 
  • Transport Reform 


Executive Director - Policy

Mandi Mees

0448 814 442

Policy Manager

Alex Stott

0449 557 608

National Policy Priorities

RA and its member partnership of industry and road agencies have outlined their shared commitment to pursuing common policy objectives in 2017, as follows:

2017 RA National Policy Priorities

  1. Integrated land use and transport planning for cities
  2. Sustainable funding for roads and transport systems
  3. Procurement practices (collaboration, innovation and efficient delivery)
  4. Network resilience
  5. Road maintenance
  6. National co-ordination and consistency to accelerate automated vehicle technology

RA Technical Specifications and Procurement Roadshow

Click here to review summaries of recent Roads Australia consultations with government and industry on technical specifications and procurement practices. 

The Roads Australia Technical Specifications and Procurement Report is now available. The report is a summary of the outcomes and recommendations that RA members are taking forward into 2016. Standardisation is a key theme. RA welcomes your collaboration where relevant to your organisation.

Safety Barrier Assessment Reforms

Since the first of four industry-agency policy sessions held by Roads Australia last April, the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel has implemented process reforms to reduce the time taken to issue a determination on the status of safety barrier products. 

In 2016, key government and industry stakeholders are progressing the idea of creating a national road safety barrier accreditation system.

Come inside the tent


Roads Australia provides free, regular opportunities for our public and private sector members to come together in our policy chapters to drive practical policy outcomes

Every RA member can play a role working with government and industry partners ‘inside the tent’ to build policy solutions. 

Contribute to policy as it develops, meet and interact with policy and decision makers, table a new idea or case study, network actively with a diverse set of government and industry participants, reconnect with industry peers, facilitate policy discussion and take the lead in problem solving and solution development.

To get involved, contact Mandi Mees.