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Fellows research projects

The objective of the RA Fellowship is to develop the future leaders of our industry.  

To support this goal, and as part of the annual program, our Fellows are asked to work in groups on a research project that demonstrates their:

  • understanding of key issues and challenges faced by industry,
  • ability to work together on a collective response, and 
  • ability to communicate a convincing argument to key stakeholders to gather support for action.

The 2017 research task

In 2017, each of our five teams was tasked with researching a key issue or challenge identified within our policy chapter framework. The teams and tasks were:

  •  Teams 1 (NSW) and 5 (Vic): What are the top five attributes customers value about the road network?
  • Teams 2 (NSW), 3 (Qld, WA & SA) and 4 (Vic):  How are other industries using digital technology, and what are five possible ways to digitally revolutionise the management of Australia’s road network?

Each team prepared a summary recommendation report and presented its findings in a 12-minute presentation and Q&A session prior to the Fellows Annual Dinner, held in Melbourne in November.

An eminent panel comprising Mentors and Policy Chapter members Sandra Dodds (Chief Executive Urban Infrastructure, Broadspectrum),Mike Stapleton (Deputy DG Customer Service, Safety and Regulation, QTMR), Craig Moran (Director, Network Operations Planning, TfNSW), and 2017 Fellowship Councillor Simon Berry  assessed the teams on the following criteria:

  • development of a clear and persuasive argument related to the topic area,
  • evidence of research that supported the position, and
  • effective communication of a convincing recommendation that addressed the problem statement in a new, energetic and entertaining fashion.

The team from Qld/WA/SA was judged as having responded most comprehensively to the project task after scores were compiled across both the written submission and presentation component. 

The research work by the 2017 Fellows will contribute to the 2018 Policy Chapter work. 

2017 research papers

Group 1 (NSW) - CLICK HERE

Group 2 (NSW) - CLICK HERE

Group 3 (Qld,WA,SA) - CLICK HERE

Group 4 (VIC) - CLICK HERE

Group 5 (VIC) - CLICK HERE

2016 research project & papers

Group 1 (VIC) - The impact of autonomous vehicles on public transport  CLICK HERE

Group 2 (NSW/ACT) - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) - city structure and liveability research and insights CLICK HERE

Group 3 (QLD/WA) - CAVs - network management  CLICK HERE