Australian-first pacemaker lights for Burnley Tunnel

Those driving through Melbourne’s Burnley Tunnel will shortly experience the benefits of an Australian-first lighting system, following upgrade works delivered by RA member Transurban.

The new state-of-the-art pacemaker lights designed to improve safety and efficiency by helping drivers maintain a consistent speed in the tunnel will shortly be switched on.

Drivers descend about 65 metres going into the Burnley Tunnel, so although most drivers enter travelling at the 80-kilometre speed limit, they are exiting at about 60km/h, as they don’t realise their speed has dropped as they climb the slope on the way out.

The resulting congestion not only slows down traffic in the tunnel, but has flow-on impacts for other parts of the Melbourne road network.

The new pacemaker lighting system will encourage drivers to maintain a consistent speed through the tunnel, particularly as they travel uphill towards the exit. A green band of moving light in driver’s peripheral vision will be a reminder to maintain a consistent speed.

For more on the project, visit Transurban

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