Project overview


How are transport infrastructure sectors evolving to meet climate change challenges.


Demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability is a core aspect of maintaining a company’s social licence to operate in today’s industry. As the community becomes more alert to the everyday impact of climate change, it is imperative that our industry shows how it is delivering transport infrastructure that is more resilient and is actively contributing to better environmental outcomes. Ensuring businesses and workforces are aligned to this objective is fundamental to locking-in the future opportunities presented by a decarbonised economy and industry.


Research and respond to the topic in collaboration with the business you have selected. Your response could include answering the following questions:

  1. Identify some of the climate change challenges that your business is facing in the delivery or operation of transport infrastructure.  Select a challenge and work to research and propose an change which could be implemented.

    (For example, this could be redesigning the materials or methods we use with the goal of transforming our environmental impacts by reducing carbon footprint; or gaps in the supply chain in identifying and delivering concrete replacement; or changes required in technical specifications for major projects.)
  2. What risks and opportunities have you identified and how are you planning to address/capitalise on these?

Key deliverables

Project commencement5 May 2022
Scoping paper (2 pages)10 June 2022
Feedback on scoping paper8 July 2022
Project due14 October 2022
End of year presentation9 and 10 November 2022