Embedding sustainability in The Northern Road

Sustainability was a major focus for CIMIC Group’s CPB Contractors in its delivery of The Northern Road upgrade Stages 5 and 6 in NSW.

Image credit: CIMIC Group

The upgrade works are designed to accommodate rapid population growth in this part of Sydney’s west, as well as to cater for the new Western Sydney Airport, which is now under construction.

The project is notable for a range of sustainability initiatives delivered as part of the package.

Among these were:

  • replacing 210 High Powered Sodium lighting with energy efficient LED lighting and used over 30 solar light towers in construction;
  • reusing spoil from CPB Contractors WestConnex M8 and Rozelle Interchange projects;
  • a 23% reduction in materials lifecycle impacts, primarily through the savings achieved with an on-site batching plant and the addition of fly ash and slag to concrete mixes, achieving up to 62% in supplementary cementing materials;
  • substituting 99% of potable water with non-potable water sourced from temporary basins and dams;
  • recycling 98% of construction and demolition waste; and
  • reusing or recycling 99% of usable spoil.

CPB Contractors Group Manager Sustainability David Fox said:

“Our approach to sustainability rests on the fact that with every project we can build a better future. Working together with our clients, wherever possible we recycle instead of using new raw materials and avoid activities that create waste.” 

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