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RA Single Table Luncheon with Evan Tattersall (Melbourne)

24/07/2019 12:00 to 24/07/2019 14:30

Venue: Bar Lourinha


It's our great pleasure to host Rail Projects Victoria CEO, Evan Tattersall, for an update on the major projects under his watch, including the Melbourne Metro and the Suburban Rail Loop.





Evan Tattersall - CEO, Rail Projects Victoria  

Evan has 35 years' experience in construction across many industry sectors, including transport and building.

His extensive experience working in Melbourne's metropolitan rail environment includes Craigieburn Electrification Project and leading the complex inner city packages on the $4.1 billion Regional Rail Link project.

Evan was with Evans & Peck for 12 years and Thiess for 17 years, including 10 years as Construction Manager across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

As CEO of Rail Projects Victoria, Evan oversees the planning, development and delivery all major regional and metropolitan public transport infrastructure projects throughout Victoria. These include the $11 billion Metro Tunnel Project, which will untangle the City Loop so more trains can run to and from the suburbs, and the $2 billion Regional Rail Revival, which will upgrade every regional passenger line in Victoria. Planning and development is also underway for Melbourne Airport Link, which will connect Melbourne Airport to the rail network via Sunshine, extensions of the metropolitan network to the west of Melbourne and faster services to the regions.



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