Game on – sustained infrastructure

PwC’s report, ‘Game on – Delivering sustained infrastructure outcomes through major sports and cultural events’ looks at infrastructure and how major sporting events can play a key role in its delivery. The report looks at recent commonwealth games and the importance of getting venues, transport, housing and precincts right in the lead-up to major international events.

Major international events are a high-stakes game with tens of thousands of athletes and media, hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and millions of visitors. The world is watching – and the investment is too big to fail.

Despite the risks, for the host there’s glory up for grabs. The local economy gets a boost, and the international spotlight is an opportunity like no other for tourism and business promotion. But beyond this, there’s the chance to catalyse urban and regional regeneration and transformation, and create or enhance venues, transport, housing and precincts that will deliver benefits to communities for generations.

Chris Rogan – PwC Brisbane Managing Partner states “Large-scale events have the power to bring forward investment and accelerate infrastructure on a compressed timeline – often achieving decades of development in only a handful of years. Brisbane, and South East Queensland’s strong record of hosting world class events, combined with its access to skills, capability and bold transformational commitments such as the Energy and Jobs Plan, puts all of Queensland in the box seat to make the most of its upcoming opportunities.”

It will take holistic, consistent and sustained planning and action to extract the maximum long-term benefit from the investment in venues, transport, housing and precincts that is made in the lead-up to a major international event.

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