Innovative new training programs set to boost capacity and diversity

CPB Contractors, CIMIC Group’s construction company, has expanded its training opportunities through two innovative programs – the CPB Contractors Women in Trades paid-training and employment program, and a new partnership with TAFE NSW and Western Sydney University to launch the Institute Applied Technology of Construction (IATC).

Announced this week by the NSW Government, the innovative partnership between TAFE NSW, Western Sydney University and CPB Contractors establishes the state’s first Institute of Applied Technology for Construction in Western Sydney.

CPB Contractors Managing Director Jason Spears, said he recognised the need for businesses to focus on building capability within Australian communities and that this could be secured through innovative collaboration with education providers.

“We are proud to be working with TAFE NSW and Western Sydney University to build a new educational model and student experience that is by nature flexible, scalable, accessible, and promotes greater diversity of thought across the industry.”

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