Metro Trains Melbourne contract extended

The Victorian Government has extended the contract of the Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) consortium to operate passenger rail services across Melbourne for a further 18 months.

The consortium includes RA members John Holland and CIMIC Group’s UGL.

The Metro Trains Melbourne consortium has operated the city’s passenger rail services since 2009, and the extended contract will come into effect from November 2024.

Metro Trains Melbourne operates 226 six carriage trains across 998 kilometres of track, and transports around 450,000 customers each day. 

CIMIC Group Executive Chairman Juan Santamaria said:

“For around 14 years, Metro Trains Melbourne has provided the people of Melbourne with a safe and reliable train network. We are pleased to continue to operate and maintain all assets associated with the network, delivering a key part of a the city’s interconnected public transport service.”

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