New Bridgewater Bridge Promotes Integrated Transport Connectivity

Roads Australia (RA) says Tasmania’s new Bridgewater Bridge is a nationally significant piece of infrastructure that will enhance national transport connectivity for people and freight.

RA President Michael Bushby and CEO Michael Kilgariff both welcomed today’s announcement that following a rigorous tender process involving several RA members, McConnell Dowell has been chosen to deliver what is set to be Tasmania’s largest-ever infrastructure project.

“The new Bridgewater Bridge is destined to become an iconic piece of transport infrastructure which will unlock safety and productivity outcomes, enhance economic opportunities and improve community amenity,” they said.

“As well as providing a significant boost to the capacity of Hobart’s road network and reducing travel times for commuters, the new standalone four-lane bridge will be of significant benefit to freight movement between northern and southern Tasmania. Reducing freight transit times is especially important as the state’s population grows and local producers seek opportunities to take their goods into new markets.”

“The Midland Highway is the key connector between Northern Tasmania and Hobart, and the new Bridgewater Bridge will relieve one of the last major constraints on the route. In this respect, it is not only a significant piece of transport infrastructure for Tasmania, but also a critical link in the nation’s integrated transport network. The new bridge will promote employment growth and help Tasmania to leverage its strengths by facilitating exports to interstate and international markets.”

“It has been especially encouraging to see the way local communities have been engaged throughout the design process, with the final design reflecting feedback received and ensuring greater connectively and a more seamless experience for the estimated 22,000 people who will use the new bridge on a daily basis.”

“RA especially welcomes the incorporation of active transport elements such as the shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists into the project design. This is a powerful demonstration of how road infrastructure enables other transport modes and can enhance community amenity.”

“We look forward to the commencement of construction in 2022 and to seeing the full range of economic and community benefits the new Bridgewater Bridge will deliver for Tasmania and the nation.”

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