Pause on Procurement campaign

As we are all aware, the end-of-year holiday period is important for everyone irrespective of the industry we work in.

Ensuring a well-deserved break for our members and their teams through this period is critical for the mental-health and wellbeing of our people, and the sustainability of the sector to attract and retain its best workers.

This year, RA has again joined with the Australian Constructors Association (ACA), the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), Consult Australia and Engineers Australia to call for a pause on all procurement activity between Friday, 16 December and Tuesday, 3 January.

This initiative is critical both as a response to current market capacity constraints, but also to help ensure well rested teams are positioned to deliver the best possible outcomes on projects for the year ahead.

The campaign wrote to over 100 agencies across the nation in October seeking their support and it has been pleasing to see a high number of positive responses.

We’ll be sharing details of some of these along with further campaign updates on LinkedIn over the remaining time leading up to Christmas – so make sure you follow RA to keep up to date.

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