Political leaders urged to take a risk on RUC

Oct 30, 2015 -Yesterday’s Transport Reform Network (TRN) Forum in Sydney has underlined the importance of strong political leadership to drive genuine road funding reform in Australia.

Experts from the United States, New Zealand and Australia came together at the Forum to discuss the latest developments in road usage charging (RUC). Among the international speakers were Vicky Berger, the Chair of the Oregon Road Usage Fee Task Force, and Reema Griffith, Executive Director of the Washington State Transport Commission.

Jack Opiola, from D’Artagnan Consulting, who is working with both the Oregon and Washington jurisdictions, said it was time that a trial or pilot was rolled out for passenger vehicles in Australia.

Above: Reema Griffith at the podium, watched by Jack Opiola, Vicky Berger and Andy Thackwray


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