Tasmania launches new road safety campaign

The Tasmanian Government has chosen National Road Safety Week to unveil its new awareness campaign, Road Safety Starts With Me.

Hon. Michael Ferguson, Tasmania’s Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport launched the new campaign in Launceston at the weekend, saying:

“We were frustrated and devastated when 51 people died, and 263 were seriously injured on our roads last year.”

“These are not just numbers, they are loved ones who did not return home, dreams that were shattered and families and friends left to grieve.”

“This campaign no longer accepts that crashes just happen, or that they happen to someone else or are caused by others – the most significant way to reduce the road toll is for people to accept responsibility for their own actions.”

“This isn’t about someone accepting guilt in a court of law, it is about accepting responsibility for safe driving behaviour before it ever gets to that stage.

See the video below

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