To weather the storm, we must reform

In this month’s edition of Infrastructure Magazine, I’ve written an article that examines how some of the challenges across our industry can be addressed through procurement reform.

Because COVID-19 has now dominated the economic narrative for three years, the temptation from some commentators is look upon the conditions now afflicting the sector as entirely a product of the pandemic. But that misses something more fundamental.

Yes, some of the inflationary pressures and labour shortages in the economy have been exacerbated by COVID-19. However, to lay the blame entirely at the feet of the pandemic overlooks some of the industry’s other structural weaknesses – particularly in relation to contracting.

The article highlights key recommendations in RA’s Procurement Reform Report Update and discusses how a more sustainable, productive and successful transport infrastructure sector deliver benefits for governments, for industry and for the community.

The article is now available to read below.

Michael Kilgariff
Chief Executive Officer

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