Victoria leads the country with release of Victorian State of Engineering Report

Oct 25, 2018 – The Victorian State of Engineering Report, released today, puts front and centre the importance of engineering for the state’s bottom line.

Roads Australia President David Stuart-Watt commended the Victorian Government on leading the way in producing the first report highlighting the importance of the engineering profession.

“It is staggering to comprehend that engineering-enabled industries contribute up to 25 per cent of Victoria’s gross state product and generate more than 600 000 local jobs,” Mr Stuart-Watt said.

“That means engineering contributes $93 billion to the state economy.

“I want to commend Victoria’s inaugural Chief Engineer Collette Burke, who has been integral to the collaboration that lies behind this report.

“There has been extensive involvement from industry to formulate this report – from the construction and manufacturing sector to engineering industry leaders, universities and professional bodies – including ourselves.

“There are a number of initiatives that will be actioned from the report and it’s encouraging to see them laid out in short, medium and long-term horizons.

“We look forward to working with the Victorian Government as we enter implementation phase, particularly in developing a strategic long-term framework for STEM education, investigating initiatives that support the infrastructure pipeline and sustainable construction and enhancing a medium-term infrastructure roadmap.

“We also support the proposed Victorian Engineers Registration Scheme and will work with stakeholders to ensure the legislation is passed in the next term of government.”

Mr Stuart-Watt said the impact Dr Burke has had as the inaugural Chief Engineer was significant in the short time she had held the office.

“This report lays bare the importance of engineering in the development of our society and it is our view that there should be a Chief Engineer designated in every state and territory throughout the country,” he said.

“We will also be talking with other jurisdictions about developing a similar report on the state of engineering within each of their own unique economies.”

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