Webinar highlights data’s role in road safety

As part of our commitment to National Road Safety Week, Roads Australia today bought together industry leaders for a policy webinar on incorporating data to more effectively mitigate safety risks and improve outcomes in road and road worker safety.

The webinar ‘Keeping workers safe: How digitising risk can protect our work zones,’ was moderated by James Pennings, Chief Commercial Officer, Altus Traffic Australia – who also sponsored the webinar. Attendees heard presentations from:

  • Angus McDonald, Co-Founder, Compass IOT;
  • Roger Poeth, International Business Development Director, HRS;
  • Sam Mason – Senior Solutions Engineer, Nearmap.

Presenters outlined the role data plays in their organisation’s support for the development of safer road work sites while enhancing understanding of traffic movements, patterns, and the role of both static and dynamic infrastructure in creating safer journeys for road users.

Also demonstrated were the benefits of increased data use to drive efficiency across the road network, creating safe worksite plans before onsite inspection and identifying unsafe intersections and roadways.

Our presenters also explored the growing opportunity for data sharing and collaboration to continue finding innovative solutions to build a safer road network.

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