World-first for road worker safety in Queensland

Hugely positive news from Queensland this week, as Minister for Transport and Main Roads Hon. Mark Bailey MP announces that speed camera technology will target speeding drivers in school zones and roadworks across Queensland in a world-first road safety initiative.

This new enforcement technology is part of the Camera Detected Offence Program. Camera fines are used to fund important road safety initiatives and education across Queensland.

Last year, Roads Australia along with Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA), Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA), SARAH Group and AustStab Limited issued a joint statement calling for exactly this form of improved speed enforcement in road works sites.

It’s fantastic that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have chosen Road Safety Week in Queensland to deliver this outcome for our industry.

TMR Director-General Neil Scales said the cameras were different for roadworks sites and school zones.

“Research has demonstrated a clear link between camera enforcement and reductions in speed-related fatalities and serious injuries.”

“We asked the contractor to design and build the solar-powered roadworks speed cameras to sit on top of a mobile platform to allow for manoeuvrability around a work site.

“At school zones, the cameras will be installed in specially designed, stationary school zone signs but can be moved around as needed.”

Queensland’s Road Safety Week runs from 22 to 26 August and this year is built around the theme ‘Road safety starts with me‘, highlighting every road user has a role to play in keeping themselves and others safe while on or near our roads.

The new cameras will go live from next month.

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