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Promise, Passion & Pursuit

We chat with our two most recent PPP Award winners about their career backgrounds, the importance of mentoring and their priorities for change in the industry. Rezarta Rushitaj, Principal Highways Engineer and ANZ Technical Practice Leader – Highways, AECOM and …

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Encouraging Flexible Work

Attracting and retaining the best pool of talent relies on our industry supporting its workforce and empowering people to be the best they can be in all facets of their life. Encouraging flexible work practices is an essential element of …

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NSW Procurement Reform

In late 2020, Roads Australia sat down with Camilla Drover, Head of Commercial, Performance and Strategy – Infrastructure & Place at Transport for NSW and Kay Salvair Smith, Capacity Policy Stream Deputy Chair, RA and Partner at MinterEllison Consulting, to …

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Building resilience into our infrastructure

The bushfire crisis of December – January has raised questions about the resilience of Australia’s infrastructure, and more broadly the role of sustainability in project planning and assessment. So, what have we learned – and are we ready to take …

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