Future Transport Technologies Office will pave the way for national approach to CAV roll-out

Oct 4, 2018 – Roads Australia applauds today’s announcement of the establishment of an Office of Future Transport Technologies to help drive the seamless roll-out of autonomous vehicles across the country.

The announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack at a Roads Australia industry lunch in Sydney ‘….sends all the right messages to governments, industry and the community at large’, said Roads Australia President, David Stuart-Watt.

“It’s critical to the community’s confidence and acceptance of automated vehicles that we achieve national consistency in standards and regulations, not just around the technology itself but the infrastructure that will support it,” said Roads Australia President, David Stuart-Watt.

“The states, territories and Commonwealth are already working closely together on this, but this initiative further solidifies the approach.

“Roads Australia has recently led delegations to Asia, Europe and the United States to examine how international jurisdictions are managing the roll-out of automated vehicles.

“The message, loud and clear, is that strong, national leadership and co-operation across state and Federal borders is an imperative for realising the full benefits of new transport technologies.”

Mr Stuart-Watt also welcomed the recent Memorandum of Understanding reached between the Australian Government and the US state of Michigan to collaborate on new automotive technologies.

“In many ways, Michigan is the home of automotive innovation, and we can learn and share much through this collaboration,” he said.

“Australia has an opportunity to contribute to, and adopt, an internationally consistent approach to standards around the safe operation of new vehicle technologies, and we should grasp opportunities like this with both hands.” 

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