Implementing the Austroads Road Asset Data Standard

by Dr. Sarah Jones – Project Director

Austroads is implementing the harmonised road asset data standard (the Data Standard) following a decade of research and development.

The Data Standard is intended to benefit all road asset owners, road network funding agencies and service providers in how they plan, deliver, operate, maintain, dispose of and report on road assets.

The Data Standard will also benefit any road industry stakeholder who utilises data for road research, policy development and road expenditure.

Roads Australia has contributed to this important multi-stage project – with many of our members having shared their insights and expertise during the development of the Data Standard over recent years.

Launched in October 2022, Austroads is now consulting with stakeholders nationwide to drive the national application of the Data Standard.

With a national data standard in place, road asset data collection in Australia will become more consistent and cost-effective over time.

Austroads is also developing a cloud-based data intelligence platform.

The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) will be freely available for road managers to upload, analyse and share their data and create automated reports.

If you would like to know more about the Data Standard, please contact the Project Director Sarah Jones at or visit the project’s website for updates.

Dr. Sarah Jones will also join RA on an episode of RA’s podcast The Hub next month. Keep an eye out for the episode when it’s released!

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