Legal block to North East Link unwarranted

Legal action to challenge the North East Link Environmental Effects Statement (EES) process is unwarranted and obstructionist.

Using a reference design to inform the EES/planning process is nothing new, and completely justifiable and logical on a project of this scope, Roads Australia CEO Michael Kilgariff said today.

“We always knew North East Link was going to have significant impacts on the environment and the community,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“The EES process has set very clear parameters and expectations around the final design, whilst still allowing for innovation and flexibility to achieve the best overall outcome for the community.

“The environmental management framework (EMF) and performance requirements that are now being finalised will put the onus squarely on the designer and builder to manage and mitigate the risks throughout the delivery of the project, overseen by the North East Link Project office.

“The community engagement process for this project has been unprecedented and will continue right up until the final bitumen is laid.

“With Melbourne set to become Australia’s largest city by the middle of this decade, we can’t afford to delay a project that Victorians endorsed at the last election and desperately want to see built.”

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