NSW Budget: a clear vision for the State’s transport future

June 10, 2014 – Today’s NSW Budget provides a welcome vision for transport infrastructure delivery that will help address congestion and boost the State’s productivity.

“In addition to the substantial funding commitments to projects like WestConnex, the North West Rail Link and the CBD and south east light rail project, we’re delighted to see funding for planning studies for a Northern Beaches motorway tunnel, an extension of the F6 and route corridor for the M9 – North, South and West, as well as the previously announced planning for the Sydney Rapid Transit line and WestConnex extensions,” said Roads Australia President, David Stuart-Watt.

“It’s good to see this Government isn’t resting on its laurels but is focussed on the next round of major road and rail projects.

“The people of NSW can now decide on the government’s plans to recycle the State’s electricity assets with a clear vision of what they will get for the money.”

Mr Stuart-Watt also praised the Government for its ongoing commitment to the Pacific Highway, record $283 million commitment to road safety, as well as the $1.4 billion road maintenance commitment.

“Road maintenance is a huge priority not just in NSW, but across the country,” he said.

“We cannot afford to neglect our existing road infrastructure in the rush and excitement to deliver greenfields projects.” 


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