Sale of WestConnex majority stake confirms it’s a project of its time

Aug 31, 2018 – Today’s announcement of the NSW Government’s sale of a 51 per cent stake in WestConnex to Sydney Transport Partners is a great outcome for the people of NSW.

Roads Australia President, David Stuart-Watt, says the sale confirms that building WestConnex was and is the right decision by the NSW Government, both from a commercial perspective and in terms of addressing Sydney’s road congestion problems.

“Looking at the big picture, WestConnex is a critical piece of infrastructure that will unlock significant economic and community benefits, especially for Sydney’s west,” he says.

“The sale (of the majority stake) represents a vote of confidence by the private sector.

“Importantly, we now have money in the bank to ensure the project can be fully delivered, as well as a significant dividend that can be invested in other infrastructure.”

“All the partners involved in the planning, design and construction of this city-shaping project deserve congratulations, not just for the sale result but the way in which the project has been managed and delivered to date.”

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