Transport Industry Applauds Reform Pathway Set Out in IA Plan

Roads Australia (RA) – the peak body for roads within an integrated transport system – says the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan released by Infrastructure Australia today sets out a practical reform pathway that will deliver more resilient and sustainable transport infrastructure and services for the community.

“RA is pleased to have actively engaged with IA throughout the development of the Plan to share the transport infrastructure sector’s reform proposals. We’ve also worked with IA to identify opportunities where RA can facilitate the collaboration between all levels of government and industry which the Plan notes is essential to achieve results,” said RA President Michael Bushby.

“The RA Strategic Plan 2021-2023 groups our policy priorities around the four key themes of resilience, place making, people and data & technology. These themes were identified and endorsed by industry as priority areas of focus – and so it is encouraging to see they are embraced in today’s Plan.”

“This is reflected by the recommendation to establish a quadruple bottom line as a goal for infrastructure investment, so that projects are planned, designed, procured, constructed and operated to maximise economic, environmental, social and governance outcomes.”

“RA especially welcomes some of the key recommendations the Plan makes for the future delivery of integrated transport infrastructure and services. In particular, the focus on harnessing opportunities presented by technology by adopting a ‘digital by default’ approach to engineering and construction will deliver productivity, safety and sustainability benefits for governments, industry and the community.”

“The Plan rightly underscores the growing importance of data and technology in meeting customer expectations. The delivery of demand-responsive transport services through customer driven technologies will be core aspect of our future transport network, as flexible work arrangement alter traditional travel patterns and growth in e-Commerce engenders greater demand for last-mile freight delivery solutions.”

“RA also endorses the Plan’s recommendation that Australia transition to a nationally coordinated, multi-modal transport network pricing regime. This will be essential to make certain the nation has an adequate and sustainable financial base to support the delivery and maintenance of transport infrastructure in the decades ahead, as revenues from traditional fuel taxes and vehicle registrations continue to decline.”

“Embracing a coordinated project pipeline that adopts a mature approach to procurement and risk management as recommended in the Plan will improve our industry’s productivity and viability. Enhanced approaches to procurement will also contribute to better social outcomes, including greater gender diversity in our industry’s workforce.”

“Roads Australia looks forward to working with Infrastructure Australia, governments and industry to progress these and other reforms relating to integrated transport infrastructure set out in the Plan.”

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