Transport Plan a dynamic blueprint for Perth’s future

July 29, 2016 – Roads Australia welcomes the Perth Transport Plan as a timely and vital blueprint for the future mobility needs of a growing city.

Roads Australia Chief Executive, Ian Webb, said today the WA Government deserved credit for delivering an integrated transport plan that was both flexible and customer-centric.  

“This isn’t about favouring one mode over another; it’s about ensuring all modes of land transport work together to achieve the best overall outcome for the people of Perth,” he said.  

“We’re especially pleased that this Plan has been informed by WAPC’s Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million land use planning framework. It’s essential that transport and land use planning go hand-in-hand if we’re to achieve the most effective and efficient transport solutions.  

“Importantly, the government rightly recognises the need to renew and revise this Plan every five years. In that sense, it’s very much a ‘living’ Plan that will respond to the changing dynamics of Perth, as well as new transport technologies like autonomous vehicles.”  

Mr Webb said the three-month community and business consultation period would hopefully achieve bi-partisan support for a sure and consistent approach to future transport planning and delivery.  

“It’s critical that we have a Plan that all sides can support and stick to over the long-term. It has to be above politics,” he said.

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