Updated Strategic Plan Continues Roads Australia’s Evolution

Roads Australia (RA) has released the latest iteration of its three-year rolling Strategic Plan, setting out how the organisation will bring industry, government and communities together to lead the evolution of Australia’s roads, integrated transport and mobility networks.

Speaking during the opening of the 2021 RA Transport Summit in Sydney this morning, RA President Michael Bushby said the Plan affirms RA’s position as the peak body for roads within an integrated transport system – and sets out how RA intends to deliver enhanced outcomes for our industry and the wider community.

“Roads Australia is about far more than our name implies, and the Strategic Plan we release today reflects Roads Australia’s continuing evolution and our active engagement across emerging areas of policy,” Mr Bushby said.

“Having government and industry as part of our membership allows RA to facilitate powerful policy leadership. When we speak, it is with a powerful and considered voice that proposes constructive and practical solutions for industry and the community.”

“The Plan reaffirms the four strategic values that underpin all RA’s activities – to be the Leader, the Collaborator, the Facilitator and the Champion. For Roads Australia, these strategic values are the very foundation of the organisation and reflect the way we connect governments, industry and the community.”

“We have built RA’s policy objectives for the year ahead around four key themes – Resilience, People, Place Making and Data and Technology. Together, these themes reflect our continuing evolution, as we strive to meet changing community expectations and embrace emerging industry opportunities.”

“The Plan also underscores RA’s commitment to building a more diverse and sustainable industry workforce through initiatives including our Fellows and Emerging Leaders programs, which identify, mentor and provide practical support to the next generation of leaders across our industry. In this way, RA can ensure that the voices of tomorrow’s leaders are being heard by today’s decision-makers.”

“This overarching objective is embraced across each of our policy streams – safety, capacity, transport reform, customer experience and sustainability.”

“The RA Strategic Plan 2021-23 will help lead our industry’s continued evolution as we become more diverse, inclusive and sustainable in our approaches to delivering safe and efficient transport infrastructure that meets the needs of a growing population.”

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