Ventia acquires hydrogen vehicle for fleet

RA member Ventia built on its commitment to sustainability recently when it took delivery of a second-generation model Toyota Mirai (one of only 20 in Australia) for its Western Roads Upgrade project team in Victoria.

The Mirai (which means ‘future’) was among the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by more than seven tonnes compared with an ICE model,  holds around 5.6kg of hydrogen and gets a range of around 650km

Ventia will use the vehicle as a pool car, as part of its wider commitment to target 100% of its light fleet to be electric or hybrid by 2030.

David McPadden (Ventia) pictured with Matt MacLeod (Toyota) 

David McPadden, Group Executive – Transport, said:

“I believe that we have personal and corporate responsibility to create and leave an environment for future generations.” 

“The Mirai and our broader vehicle transition represents an opportunity for us to be agile today and into the future as we strive to deliver our carbon reduction target.” 

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