Bringing safety conversations to life

The National Road Safety Partnership Program’s (NRSPP) collaborative Heavy Vehicle Tool Box Talk (HVTBT) project has developed a range of TBTs to help organisations deliver engaging safety messages on topics relevant to heavy vehicle drivers’ daily tasks.

The first Tool Box Talk (TBT), which explores Driver Distraction, is being released today, with another TBT released on the first Thursday of each month. More than 20 TBTs are being developed, exploring topics ranging from fatigue and loading to roll overs and third-party road users.  

The first talk features BINGO Industries’ drivers discussing distraction, why it matters and how they try to address it in their daily operations.

Each of the delivered digital packs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to how your organisation conducts TBTs. You can print them out, hold presentations guided by the facilitation pack and utilise driver videos to really engage your workers.

Every topic is checked by industry peer reviewers to ensure it is relevant, accurate and delivered in a way that will engage drivers. The information is sourced from a combination of industry bodies and scholarly texts.

The HVTBT project is delivered thanks to key funding provided through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.

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