Committee for Sydney

Gabriel Metcalf, CEO of urban policy think tank Committee for Sydney, has informed the board of his intention to resign at the end of the year, after four years in the role.

“This is a bittersweet decision and it’s one that’s been driven entirely by personal reasons: it’s time for us to be closer to family in America,” he said.

“The past four years have been an extraordinary time for me and for my family. We were welcomed in by Sydney, and we had the great fortune to weather the storm of Covid here. We met friends who will last a lifetime, and we fell in love with Sydney.

“I am leaving the Committee in good hands. We have a truly incredible staff and board of directors. The Committee has grown in its reach and impact, and is positioned to make progress on the most important issues for Sydney.

“When we developed our strategic plan back in 2019, we decided to aim toward a goal that would express the ambition and the potential of the city – to make Sydney the best city in the world. I think we are making progress.

“Sydney is a beautiful miracle. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

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