Cross River Rail unveils underground station designs

As delivery continues on Brisbane’s Cross River Rail, the community has been given a look at what the project’s four new underground stations will look like.

Crews at a warehouse facility in Brisbane have modelled sections of the platform and mezzanine levels that will be built in the new Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street stations.

The Tunnel, Stations and Development (TSD) works package for Cross River Rail is being delivered by the PULSE consortium through a public-private partnership. PULSE consortium is led by CIMIC Group companies, Pacific Partnerships, CPB Contractors, and UGL with international partners Ghella, DIF and BAM.

The designs draw inspiration from the classic Queenslander veranda and feature expressed ‘rafters’ and panel joints. Each underground station’s platform and mezzanine levels will be similar, but their floors and ceilings will have different colours, each chosen to reflect the area’s surroundings.

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