The Ray Fisher Award for Technical Excellence recognises an individual for technical excellence in the broader transport industry. Previously known as the RA Award for Technical Excellence, it was renamed in 2019 to honour our former President and Life Member, Ray Fisher.

To be eligible, a nominee’s field of contribution must be in a technical or scientific area relevant to transport in Australia. Their contribution must be outstanding, measured directly in terms of impact on the industry, including the transformational change to the industry.

How to Nominate

Nominations must address the award criteria (set out below) and be accompanied by the nominee’s CV, along with details of two referees.

Nominations for the 2022 award closed on Friday, 14 October 2022.

The winner will be announced later this year.

Inquiries about the Award should be directed to RA’s Director – Corporate Affairs, Simon Morgan.


The following conditions and guidelines apply in making the award:

  • Field of Contribution. The field of contribution must be in a technical or scientific area relevant to transport in Australia. Indicative areas of contribution include road construction, design, safety, freight, research, and sustainability.
  • Impact of Contribution. The contribution must be outstanding. This will be measured directly in terms of its impact on the industry, the advancement of science and the community.
  • Recognition of Contribution. The extent to which the contribution is acknowledged by the candidate’s professional peers within the relevant scientific or technical field.
  • Personal Achievement. It must be demonstrated that the candidate’s contribution significantly reflects personal endeavour, as distinct from the work of others.
  • Originality. Candidates will also be assessed on the originality and unique quality of their contribution and the transformational change to the industry. The spark of innovation must be evident.
  • Durability. Candidates will also be assessed on the extent to which their contribution is likely to endure and be applied by future generations.
  • Further potential. Ideally candidates for the award will still have further contributions to make to the industry and the community. It is expected that the award will recognise their achievements to date and thereby enhance the opportunity for the candidate to make yet a further contribution.

Our 2021 winner

George Mavroyeni, Independent Assurance Services Lead (ANZ), AECOM was announced as the winner of the 2021 Ray Fisher Award for Technical Excellence at RA’s Melbourne Annual Lunch on 26 November 2021. 

George has over 40 years’ experience in project management, road safety and quality assurance. In that time, he has pioneered key industry initiatives and activities that have included:

  • Initiating the first night-time asphalt works in Victoria;
  • Developing VicRoads’ first set of quality assurance technical specifications;
  • Leading the development of Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy (2007-2017) and Action Plans, reversing the trend in fatalities; and 
  • Initiating the World Road Association’s (WRA) Road Safety Manual, which is now regularly updated and makes a major contribution to road safety globally.

In presenting the award to George, Ray Fisher noted comments from RA Life Member and previous winner of the John Shaw Medal Ken Mathers, who said:

“It has been a great pleasure to be involved and witness the development of George Mavroyeni throughout his career as a civil engineer and expert in major road infrastructure. In my opinion he has become one of the most broadly skilled and experienced road engineers in Victoria.

George is an outstanding engineer – and a very worthy winner for this prestigious Roads Australia Award.”

George is pictured (centre) with our current President Michael Bushby to his left and our former President Ray Fisher on his right.

The Roll of Honour

2021 – George Mavroyeni

2020 – David Hazell

2019 – Dr Richard Kelly

2018 – Harry Asche

2017 – Rod Troutbeck

2016 – John Hilton

2015 – Professor Mary Lydon

2014 – Rahmi Akçelik

2013 – Kieran Sharp

2012 – John Hodgkinson

2011 – Dr John B Metcalf