Driving towards better mobility through autonomous transport

Terry Lee-Williams, Director Future Transport, Aurecon

If you’ve bought or driven a newer vehicle recently you might have noticed that modern cars can do a lot of the thinking for you. From remote activation to lane assist technology, advances in automated automotive technology are moving at a rapid pace.  

Soon the Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) won’t need a driver at all. But it’s not just vehicles that need to adapt, urban infrastructure and connected technology also need to transform to accommodate the future of automated transportation.   

“CAVs have to actually be fully integrated into our existing infrastructure, or some of our changing infrastructures. To do that, engineers, designers, and advisers have to get better at looking at what we already have, and how that can be used differently, rather than trying to build new stuff,” says Megan Sharkey.   

In this episode of Aurecon’s podcast Engineering Reimagined, Aurecon’s Director Future Transport Terry Lee-Williams, spoke with Megan Sharkey, Acting Director Future Mobility at Transport for NSW and Cathal Masterson, Director Commercial Operations at Transport Infrastructure Ireland about the challenges and strategies they’re considering as we adapt to the future of automated transport.
You can listen to the episode now below.

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