Future Leaders have their say

Roads Australia has released its ‘Future Leaders’ Forum Outcomes Report’ following the inaugural Future Leaders’ Forum held in Melbourne earlier this year.

The forum supports RA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, with a strong focus on hearing and acting upon the voices of younger people involved in the transport industry and establishing a more representative sector.

Following a presentation from Kate Dundas, Chief Operating Officer of Sustainability Victoria, future leaders were divided into groups to develop policy objectives RA should consider based on RA policy goals including optimising road use, decarbonisation and improving stewardship of our road network.

Input from participants fell broadly into three categories; decarbonisation, innovation and knowledge sharing and planning and design.

A strong desire for climate action and decarbonisation of the transport sector across all groups reflects the commitment of up and coming industry leaders to a net zero transport future.

RA would like to thank CPB contractors for their generous support of the Future Leaders’ Forum and the development of talented individuals across the transport sector.

Download a copy of the report here.

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