RA holds future transport webinar

Roads Australia today bought together industry and government representatives for a policy webinar on future transport, with perspectives shared from across academia, government and industry. Thanks to GHD for partnering with RA for this policy event.

The future of transport,’ was moderated by Erin Jackson, Technical Director Transport, National Transportation Mobility Leader at GHD. Attendees heard presentations from:

Panellists highlighted the scope that exists to do more with existing assets, while making sensible alterations to increase active transport and more sustainable transport decisions, touching again on the need to use data to change behaviour in line with the requirement to meet our net-zero future.

The transport networks of the future may look similar to today’s but the way we travel, the way we fuel modes of transport and the role of roads in place making is set to lead to a more sustainable future led by an integrated transport network. This mutual goal is being worked towards by government and industry, a key component of any transport network reform.

A recording of the webinar and Policy Insight will be made available shortly.

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