Lord Mayor discusses future transport in Brisbane

Lord Mayor of Brisbane City Council, Adrian Schrinner, has addressed leaders from the public and private sectors at this week’s Roads Australia Industry lunch.

As Brisbane prepares to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032, Adrian is focused on the future of transport across his urban jurisdiction, while meeting emission reduction targets.

Adrian highlighted the importance of meeting the decarbonisation challenge across the most emissions-intensive sectors, with a strong focus on landfill, construction and transport.

Part of this challenge includes electrifying existing transport modes, with Adrian discussing the need for fast charging stations to meet electric vehicle uptake, alongside electric ferries and buses to meet public transport demand. With the current pipeline of electric buses being built in China, Adrian encouraged industry and government look at options for bringing these skills and the manufacturing process to Australia.

Adrian further discussed the future of transport and autonomous air taxis, with Brisbane set to be an early adopter of this technology.

In meeting the changing landscape of transport, Adrian is encouraging discussion on how to effectively fund transport systems of the future as the revenue from fuel excise declines.

Many thanks to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and SMEC for partnering with RA to deliver this event.

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