RA makes submission to NPA Review

Roads Australia has made a submission to the Independent Review of the National Partnership Agreement (NPA) on Land Transport Infrastructure Projects (the NPA Review), headed by Jane Halton AO.

While complementary to the Independent Strategic Review of the Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP Review) the NPA Review is distinct and will consider the degree to which the existing objectives of the NPA have been achieved, alongside broader options for reform, risk management, reporting and assurance.

RA’s submission called for a focus on a nationally coordinated pipeline of work matched with industry capacity, increased collaboration, individualised contracts, and a national framework for value for money, social procurement and the use of alternative and recycled materials.

Alongside these measures RA is supporting a strong sustainability focus through decarbonisation and diversity objectives and measurement and a review of maintenance funding formulas in light of widespread natural disasters.

With the NPA set to expire on 30 June 2024, the findings from the NPA Review will be used to inform negotiations for a new Land Transport Federation Funding Agreement.

See RA’s submission in full here.

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