RA puts spotlight on social procurement

Roads Australia has brought together senior transport leaders from across Victoria for our Spotlight on Social Procurement event.

RA has a strong focus on social procurement initiatives, continually building on our Procurement Reform Report and subsequent update late last year.

Hayden Heta, Managing Director at Wamarra delivered a keynote speech, providing a tangible example of an Indigenous business delivering long-term and sustainable outcomes for Indigenous employees across their full work program by sharing the story of Wamarra.

Hayden was joined by Darren Driscoll, Director – Industrial Relations and Workforce Development, Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and Sharon Gray, Group Manager, Diversity, Indigenous and Social Inclusion, CPB Contractors for a panel discussion on social procurement and the success stories across Victoria’s record infrastructure pipeline from both a government and industry perspective.

All speakers emphasised the importance of leveraging this significant investment to achieve broader social and economic outcomes, ensuring the legacy of transport projects is more than just a physical piece of infrastructure and numbers on a page.

Sharon and Hayden discussed the importance of meaningful connections with Indigenous communities and we’re delighted they’re on our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, supporting the delivery of our D&I Strategy.

Many thanks to CPB Contractors for partnering with RA to deliver this forum and for their sustained support of social procurement methods through innovative programs across their operations.

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