Raising the bar on recycling

Image credit: BMD Group

A collaboration involving RA members BMD Group and Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) is delivering practical results for both sustainability and social procurement.

BMD and MRPV have worked with OC Connection Enterprises and M1 Traffic on the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade in Victoria to recycle close to 1000 end of life damaged bollards into new 100% recycled eco-friendly T Top bollards.

These new bollards are made from 100% high density polyethylene, while the base is made from 70-90% recycled black PVC. The bollards meet Australian Safety Standards and are safe for day and night use.

OC Connection Enterprises is a social enterprise that works to provide meaningful long-term employment opportunities for people living with disability.

BMD Constructions Project Construction Manager Todd Stemmer said:

“Partnering with OCCE to recycle and reuse bollards is a fantastic way to reduce end-of-life plastics. Our collaboration is one of many opportunities BMD is taking to help provide the industry with more sustainable alternatives and also promote the development of new recycled products in the future.”

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