The Hub – Getting Ready for RADS

In the newest episode of RA’s podcast The Hub, we sit down with Dr Sarah Jones, who is Project Director for the implementation of Austroads’ Road Asset Data Standard (RADS).

Data offers a world of opportunity to underpin the delivery of transport services that are more aligned with customer experiences. When it comes to the management of transport infrastructure and assets, data is a powerful tool that lets us plan and deliver those activities more effectively.

However, all of this relies on interoperability. If systems can’t ‘talk’ to each other, we will miss out on productivity, safety and customer experience benefits.

In this episode, we discuss why data standards matter, how they can help and explore some of the work Austroads has been doing to prepare and implement a data standard for the national road network.

You can tune in below, or listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or our website.

You can find more information about RADS and associated resources here

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