Spotlight on Safety

Safety is Roads Australia’s number one policy priority – and today’s Spotlight on Safety industry breakfast sponsored by Altus was a positive opportunity to highlight some of the innovations being deployed across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to improve safety for road workers and road users.

The conversation was facilitated by James Bennett, Operations Manager Transport Technology and Services, Ventia and featured an expert panel comprising:

John Baillie, Programme Director, Waka Kotahi NZTA

Janette O’Brien, General Manager HSEQ Transport, ServiceStream

Ryan Wood, Technical Manager, HW Martin (UK)

Chris Koniditsiotis, Austroads

Attendees had the opportunity to see video demonstrations of how new innovations such as mobile traffic gates and barriers, traffic light booms and digital systems that provide warning of work zone incursions are helping to keep road workers safe. Similarly, innovations in procurement and contracting in some jurisdictions that focus on outcomes, not inputs are expected to deliver positive results.

In an Australian context, panel members also explored how an absence of harmonised approaches to qualifications and standards across jurisdictions is hampering recruitment, career development, innovation and safety.

It is crucial for our industry to continue proactively leading conversations around road worker safety and encouraging governments to adopt practical measures, such as assessing safety measures presented in bids on a below the line basis and undertaking active enforcement of speed limits in road work zones.

Thanks to Ben Marsonet, CEO, Altus Group for providing our vote of thanks today and again partnering with RA on this vital policy event for our industry

In lieu of speaker gifts for our presenters today, RA will make a donation to the SARAH Group.

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