Western Harbour Tunnel can’t come soon enough

July 19, 2017 – Sydney is in desperate need of a fourth harbour road crossing and the Western Harbour Tunnel will relieve congestion, improve journey reliability and unlock economic benefits right across Sydney.

“This is a critical project in terms of the resilience of Sydney’s road network, and will deliver greater certainty and reliability for motorists, public transport users and the business community,” Roads Australia President, David Stuart-Watt, said today.

“It will complement the existing Harbour Bridge and Tunnel and the Gladesville Bridge.

“In particular, it will provide an efficient and much-need additional link between Sydney’s northern suburbs and the job-generating, economy-driving western suburbs, and at the same time another route to Sydney airport, a western bypass of the CBD, and much-needed relief along the eastern corridor. 

Mr Stuart-Watt said there was nothing new in the idea of raising tolls on existing motorways to pay for new road infrastructure.

“When we built the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, we raised the tolls on the Bridge to help pay for it,” he said. 

“Users of Sydney’s other harbour crossings will ultimately benefit from the opening of the WHT, so it’s sensible and fair to look at toll increases to help share the cost with those beneficiaries.”

Mr Stuart-Watt added that as with any major new transport project, there was an extensive and comprehensive process of community consultation underway. 

We have to let this process play out rather than speculate, he said.

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