WSP and AWS announce collaboration on digital twins

WSP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a collaboration to help governments and the private sector with developing digital twins for complex infrastructure.

WSP will leverage AWS IoT TwinMaker, an AWS service that makes it easier for software developers to create digital twins of real-world systems such as buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines.

WSP has also created a Digital Twin Guide to help users understand the use cases and applications of digital twins.

Matthew Gallaugher, WSP’s Director of Digital, said:

“Digital twinning allows for more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. One of the critical parts of making our cities Future Ready™ is connecting, analysing, and visualising assets in the digital realm. As such, we support the digital transformation of public and private sector organisations by gaining insights from data to help them optimise the planning, design, delivery, and operations of those assets. AWS IoT TwinMaker allows us to use data from multiple sources to create virtual representations of physical environments and combine existing 3D models with real-world data. AWS IoT TwinMaker is a great AWS service we use to create digital twins.”

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