2022 CEO’s Workshop report

You can now download a copy of the report from RA’s 2022 CEO’s Workshop, which sets out the priority actions identified by workshop participants and is now being used to design the work program across RA’s five policy streams for 2022/23.

This year, the workshop was framed around the broad question of ‘purpose’ – considering precisely what the unique value is that RA provides to its members, to the industry and to the community.

The conversations were contextualised through a thoughtful opening presentation by Michel Masson, Consultant, Spencer Stuart (and former CEO of Infrastructure Victoria), who encouraged participants to think broadly about the organisational aspects of RA that are particularly unique – and about the ‘gaps’ that would be left for our stakeholders if we didn’t exist.

Michel’s powerful presentation helped to broaden everyone’s thinking and allowed workshop participants to make recommendations around the adjustments which might be needed to ensure RA is in-sync with contemporary community values and expectations.

Those views are reflected in the content of this report.

The thoughts articulated by each workshop group are also being used by RA to enable us to connect better with industry, government, and the communities that we serve.

Download here

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