$500 million for Queensland beef roads

Central Queensland is set to benefit from development and progressive delivery of $500 million of upgrades to priority road corridors to support Queensland’s beef industry.

Queensland’s beef corridor network stretches across nearly 218,000 square kilometres and runs from east to west across Central Queensland.

This strategic web of roads carries world-class beef product and contributes $1.7 billion to the Australian economy.

Upgrading the beef corridor network is expected to play an important role in increasing productivity across the agriculture and
resource industry sectors along with improving safety.

The Queensland Government, in partnership with Australian Government, will work with seven local government mayors and key industry stakeholders on the identification of short, medium and long-term beef road priorities to inform a 10-year Central Queensland Beef Roads
Investment Strategy.

To kick start the initiative, an early works package is being developed with the Queensland Government funding contribution, prioritising the following projects:

  • Pave and seal sections along Clermont-Alpha Road in Mackay/ Whitsunday and Central West districts
  • Pave and seal and widening of floodway along Alpha-Tambo Road in the Central West district
  • Pave and seal in sections of the Fitzroy Developmental Road between Bauhinia – Duaringa in the Fitzroy district
  • Pave and seal section along May Downs Road in the Mackay / Whitsunday district

Construction is expected to commence progressively from 2024-25.

These works are in addition to the $107 million early works package announced in November 2023 to kickstart works on the $1 billion Inland Freight Route, also known as the Second Bruce.

The Australian Government has confirmed its funding contribution of $400 million as part of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, and the Queensland Government’s commitment of $100 million to upgrade Queensland Beef Corridors is outlined in the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (2023-24 to 2026-27).

Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads Minister, Bart Mellish, discussed the projected benefits of the investment.

“Central Queensland is Australia’s heartland for beef production,” Minister Mellish said.

“The road upgrades to be proposed under a 10-year Central Queensland’s Beef Roads Investment Strategy will provide safer and more efficient transport solutions for this nationally significant industry and increase economic opportunities for the region.

“In partnership with its federal counterparts, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will engage with relevant local governments and key industry stakeholders to develop a 10-year strategy to prioritise beef road upgrades where they are needed most.

“A program of early works has been developed to kick start the initiative, while the 10-year Investment Strategy is completed.

“Future projects will be confirmed through the annual release of the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program which outlines current and planned investment in road and transport infrastructure for delivery over the following four-year program.”

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