NSW Vehicle Emissions Star Rating

The NSW Government has launched a new Vehicle Emissions Star Rating website to help drivers consider sustainability when making their next vehicle purchase.

A six-star rating system will allow consumers to compare the carbon dioxide emissions of new and second-hand cars, utes and vans. The more stars a vehicle has, the lower the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

The rating applies to vehicles across Australia and was developed in collaboration with Commonwealth, state and territory governments.
The Vehicle Emissions Star Rating website has launched with ratings for light vehicles dating back to 2004. Consumers can compare more than 16,000 different models and variants.

The website has fully customisable calculators that allow consumers to input the actual price they pay for fuel or electricity, and consider annual costs based on the distances they drive, rather than just being offered information based on averages that can vary widely.

The information on emissions and efficiency is provided in a simple, visual format to help consumers make choices.

It is supported by articles and information on vehicle emissions, how different vehicles are powered, and how driving style and maintenance may reduce emissions.

The Vehicle Emissions Star Rating website also provides information on electric vehicles, including locations of charging infrastructure, battery recycling and the differences between electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles.

Find out more here.

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