Funding for street side EV charging

The Federal Government will provide $871,000 to support the installation of EV charging equipment on street side power poles as part of a trial across 9 local government areas in NSW.

This will see 50 chargers installed in areas that are readily accessible to those living in apartments, townhouses or units that do not have access to their own on-site charging facilities.

The funding has been provided by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to Intellihub, which has engaged Schneider Electric to provide the EV charging infrastructure and Origin Energy to supply 100 per cent GreenPower, which will match the energy required to charge the vehicles with the equivalent amount of renewable energy.

The trial is intended to encourage faster rollout of charging infrastructure by demonstrating there are no regulatory barriers to using existing infrastructure that already has power running to it (such as street power poles). It is hoped the trial will also improve understanding about the impact of EV chargers on the electricity network.

More about the trial

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